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Students wishing to enter Catholic High Schools in September 2020 must take the TACHS test administered by the Archdiocese. This test will be given on Friday, November 8, 2019.  
Resurrection is offering TACHS prep course for the fall,  2:40PM to 4:00PM on Wednesdays on the following dates:
1.) September 18, 2019 (Math) 5.) October 16, 2019 (Math)
2.) September 25, 2019 (ELA) 6.) October 23, 2019 (ELA)
3.) October 2, 2019 (Math) 7.) October 30, 2019 (Math and ELA)
4.) October 9, 2019 (ELA) 8.) November 7, 2019 (Math and ELA) Note, Nov 7 is a Thursday
Mrs. Blondel will be teaching the ELA section and Mr. Ellis will be teaching the Math section of the review course. The classes will meet in the middle school at dismissal.  They will then go as a group to the grammar school and take the class and be dismissed from there. Students are welcome to bring a snack and drink with them to each class.
The cost of this TACHS Prep Course is $250.00.