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Kinderbox Kids Woodworking – Vanessa Augone

Grades K-5 (limit 14)

Join Kinderbox Kids for some winter fun with Woodworking Mix Media Art. Make three dimensional art using wooden materials mixed with various art mediums. Enjoy being creative and getting messy with art!  Projects may include winter  wonderland scenes, wood sleighs, wood snowflake mobiles, scrabble Valentine Day necklaces, photo blocks, paddle boats, sling shots, free build and more!

COST: $200.00




Sew Happy

Grades 1-5 (limit 12)

Have fun with Sew Happy's latest project, the Hedgehog House. Students will construct an adorable square basket, which is decorated with trees and woodland flora and fauna on the outside but becomes the cozy home of a hedgehog family on the inside complete with a hedgehog stuffie. A decorative carrying handle makes the project transportable. Kids will learn how to thread a needle, tie a knot, pin, and stitch with our trained instructors. Beginners are welcome at this class and experienced sewers will love working on a new project!

COST $ 180.00


Crayola ® Artist’s Passport – Crayola Imagine Arts Academy

Grades Kindergarten-3 (limit 12, min. 8)

Children embark on an around-the-world cultural adventure − explore far-off places and learn about the people who live there, from the Americas to Polynesia, from the cosmopolitan to the countryside. They experiment with Crayola® products, while trying art techniques developed by local artists and artisans. They make different masterpieces each week such as drums, masks, canvases, prints, buses, and more! They bring their unique creations home, where they can build a globally-inspired art gallery. Some of the

weekly topics in this session are: Tiki Masks, Animal Sculptures, Aboriginal Dot Art, Imperial Jeweled Eggs, Rattle Drums, Truck Art, and Mud Art.

Cost $180.00


Lego - Bricks 4 Kidz

Grades K-4 (Limit 20, min. 6)

“Ticket to Ride!” - Delve into the history and mechanics of favorite amusement park rides in this imaginative unit.  Students will construct moving, battery powered, motorized models of a Carousel Swing, Tilt a Whirl, Loop de Loop ride, Swing boat ride, and Ferris Wheel.  Lessons incorporate principles of physics, described in a way children can understand, such as “G-force” inertia and momentum, as well as math concepts such as “there are 360 degrees in a circle”.  These engaging lessons will give students an understanding of the physical forces they experience every day. All participating students will receive a motor, battery and a tech brick starter model at the end of the session.

COST $180.00




Little Scientists II – Mad Science

Grades Pre-K3 – Kindergarten (limit 12, min. 8)

Join Mad Science for some engaging hands-on learning experiences. Each class is an interactive, age-appropriate exploration of a specific science topic. Every themed program is designed to captivate the curious nature of young children. Preschoolers enjoy engaging demonstrations, perform simple experiments and will discover how science can help us better understand the world around us! Some of the topics we'll include this semester are Magnetic Magic, Human Body, Shapes and Structures, Water Works, Weather Wonders, Animal Friends, Mad Mixtures and Lights On.

Cost $180.00


Bugs, Birds, Beasts and Beyond – Mad Science

Grades 1-3 (limit 12, min. 8)

Explore the natural world and its adaptations. Observe creepy crawly bugs, make casts of animal tracks & study the feeding habits of owls as we dissect their lunch’s remains. Some of the weekly topics in this session are: Bugs, Earthworks, Walloping Weather, Mission Nutrition, All about Animals, Life in the Sea, The Birds & the Beasts, Earth Awareness, Nature and The Science of Sport!

Cost $180.00


Pottery – Clay Arts Center

Grades Kindergarten – 2 (limit 12)

Working with clay develops creative problem solving skills and builds confidence through the discovery of its transformative qualities. Your child can create animal sculptures, tiles, bowls and so much more. Weekly projects focus on learning basic skills to create a variety of clay pieces while having fun!  

Cost $200.00




Escape Room

Grades 3-5 (limit 12)

This program follows the popular 'Escape the Room' model.  Students are presented with information (such as maps, historical information, building plans, directories, props) and cryptic clues they need to solve to open locks and boxes, allowing them to 'escape' within the time allocated.  The clues are often in code, requiring they first 'discover' the clue.  These codes are visual, physical, mathematical and language based such as riddles.   Often they have to use tools they may not be familiar with to break the code (screwdrivers, compasses, protractors, origami instructions).  The clues themselves lead them to the props in the room or are sometimes general knowledge.

COST $180.00


Multi Sports – Rye YMCA

Grades PreK4 and Kindergarten

A great way to introduce your child to a wide range of sports:  basketball, soccer, tee-ball, football, kickball and floor hockey.  Classes consist of developmentally appropriate drills, obstacles and games in a fun engaging environment!

COST $180.00