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Sign In
You do not need to Sign In to this site to view sport schedules, venue addresses or general information.
You do need to Sign in to register a student for a program or to view your sports team roster. 
  1. Click on the Sign in button in the upper right corner of the website.        
  2. Enter your email address.
  3. To initially setup a password, or if password is forgotten, click the ? in the password area. You will be emailed a password reset link.
  4. You will know you are successfully signed in when your name appears at the top of the screen.
Update your Contact Information
This site’s contact information will be kept up-to-date with school records. If you want to change to a different email or add an additional email, you may do so.  Email addresses will be used to notify parents of  program registration information, upcoming schedules and/or changes to schedules.  
  1. Sign In.
  2. Under Home, click Edit My Account,
  3. Click on a displayed name under the Members heading to edit.  Note, children do not need an email address on their accounts, emails are sent to addresses on associated parent accounts. 
  4. Update telephone numbers and/or email address.
  5. If you would like to receive text message alerts in addition to email sent from the system, use the drop down box next to your cell phone number to select your cell phone service provider.
  6. Note, if you change your email address, the new email will replace your current Sign-In ID.
  7. You can add a second email address, just separate it from the first with a comma.
Schedule Notification
This site will send automatic alerts to parents if changes are made to their child's scheduled game or practice. A parent may turn off this reminder by unchecking the "Reminder" buttons on their account.  
View Schedules
There are several ways to view schedules: by Team, by Venue and by Date.
  1. By Team:  Click the Teams tab and use the drop down boxes for Season, Division and Team to select a Team.  Click Schedule from the vertical menu.
  2. By Facility:  Click the Venues tab, and Schedule. Click the grey button next to the facility name.   
  3. By Date: Locate the calendar on the Home Page. Click on a date to view one week of scheduled games. 
View Rosters
If a student is the member of a Team, the parent may Sign In and view that Team roster.
  1. Sign In
  2. Click the Sports Teams tab and use the drop down boxes for Season, Division and Team to select a Team.
  3. Click Roster on the vertical menu.